Bleary-eyed, stumbling forward into light.

The sun rising in yellow-gold glory.

Another day dawns in a warm haze of expectation.

Each moment a surprise awaits.


To appreciate.

God in the moment.

My teenage son has taken on fasting from sunrise to sunset as his devotional enterprise this year.  We’ve been rising together before the sun to squeeze in a hearty breakfast that will sustain him for the long day ahead.  I’ve already come to look forward to our quiet time together each day over steak and eggs, french toast, or veggie omelets. I’m a night owl, so sunrises are not my strong suit. But there is something about that mystical moment as the sun’s rays reach out over the horizon, tendrils grabbing and pulling, making voids in the darkness, only to fill them to bursting with the light of hope for what awaits us. There’s not much talking at our breakfast table. But as the sun’s warming rays take hold, a cacophony of birdsong fills the air.

Some people say that you shouldn’t tell anyone what your Lenten discipline is, that toughing it out alone is somehow more holy. But the Christian life is not meant to be a sentence served in solitary confinement. God comes to us in others. We need to learn to still our hearts together. To sit in silence, beleaguered and weary or enraptured and awe-filled, together. Needing support from our community as we tackle difficult undertakings is not weakness.  It is the way of things in this Body which is Christ. Be still and know that I am…and that we are. Pause. Await. Let your light shine.

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  1. Bernie says:

    Love this!!

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