The Servants who Drew the Water

A meditation on The Wedding at Cana

The servants knew.
The ones who drew the water.
Knew that it was water.
The wine, that is.
What must they have thought?
Fine wine indeed.  The finest.
“Ha!” they say, “The steward has lost his mind!”

“See how the Emperor is wearing no clothes.”
But just which Emperor, you ask.
Why, the one who sanctioned the killing of the babies, of course.
In search of the one who would turn the water into wine.
What must the people have thought?
The Emperor is exposed. For what he is.
And the first morsels of Empire begin to crumble.

Water for purification.
The blood of a lamb.
This is my son in whom I am well pleased.
This is my body given for all people.
This is the blood of the new covenant, drink it all of you.
And God said, “It is good.  It is very good.”
And the steward said, “You have kept the good wine until now.”

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